JEE-O – Shower and Faucet Collection

JEE-O brings beautiful design and functionality together in bathroom concepts by offering freestanding stainless-steel design shower and faucet collections. The range of shower series is striking in simplicity and minimalistic design and all JEE-O showers are equipped with a contemporary styled mixer.

JEE-O flow series by Brian Sironi

JEE-O worked in close collaboration with Italian top designer Brian Sironi to develop this collection inspired by the shape of water.

Amsterdam-based design duo Grand & Johnson design the complementary bathtubs and basins of the collection.

Freestanding bathtub and pillar basins, freestanding shower and bath mixer, wall shower mixer, wall and top-mounted basin mixers.

JEE-O soho series by Grand & Johnson

The first product line to result from the alliance between JEE-O and the Amsterdam-based design studio Grand & Johnson.

The vibrant neighbourhood in cosmopolitan New York of the same name was the muse for this series.

Freestanding bathtubs and basin and pillar basin, freestanding showers and bath mixer, wall and top-mounted basin mixers and accessories.

JEE-O Pure Series by Lammert Moerman

A series of products with a design aesthetic which is contemporary, clean and simplistic. These products exude a feel of effortless elegance. Simplicity and functional luxury.

Freestanding shower and bath mixer, wall bath mixer, wall and top-mounted basin mixers.

JEE-O slimline series

Slim in form and style, the series is designed as an art piece to suit modern and contemporary bathroom spaces. The slimline series is a display of graceful and refined functionality.

Freestanding shower and bath mixers, wall and top-mounted basin mixers and accessories.

JEE-O Original Series

One shower, three different experiences. With interchangeable shower heads, this shower can be adapted to your own taste, the shower heads are easily changed.

Freestanding shower mixers and bath mixers.

JEE-O Fatline Series

The fatline series shower mixers have a strong presence and feature robust and sturdy designs, a tough mixer ready for everyday use.

The shower mixers can be installed indoor as well as outdoor where they thrive in both environments. Some mixer models in this series have an all-weather frost-free option applicable.

Freestanding shower mixers.

JEE-O Accessories

Make your JEE-O mini-wellness experience complete with the different JEE-O accessories.

Available in stainless steel brushed, polished, hammercoated, powedercoated or structured black.

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