JEE-O – Bath and Basin Collection

The luxury JEE-O bath and basin line is a blend of minimalist design, organic shapes and extraordinary quality and performance. The JEE-O bathtub and basin line is manufactured from a unique DADOquartz material which gives the products exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. Every bathtub and basin is backed by a lifetime warranty.

JEE-O Flow Series by Brian Sironi

JEE-O worked in close collaboration with Italian top designer Brian Sironi to develop this collection inspired by the shape of water.

Amsterdam-based design duo Grand & Johnson design the complementary bathtubs and basins of the collection.

Freestanding bathtub and pillar basins, freestanding shower and bath mixer, wall shower mixer, wall and top-mounted basin mixers.

JEE-O Soho Series by Grand & Johnson

The first product line to result from the alliance between JEE-O and the Amsterdam-based design studio Grand & Johnson.

The vibrant neighbourhood in cosmopolitan New York of the same name was the muse for this series.

Freestanding bathtubs and basin and pillar basin, freestanding showers and bath mixer, wall and top-mounted basin mixers and accessories.

JEE-O Blue Basin By Egoista

Blue basin by JEE-O designed by Egoista
Freestanding basin made from DADOquartz.

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