JEE-O – What’s in a Name?


425 years ago, Shakespeare asked the question: ‘What’s in a name?’ 15 years ago, Lammert Moerman asked the same question of his brainchild, JEE-O. And when it comes to answering that question, related to JEE-O, the answer is: ‘Apparently a lot!’

JEE-O’s 15-year journey, from a modest idea, has evolved and been influential across the global bathroom design landscape. Lammert’s motivation is as simple as his design philosophy: ‘It’s my drive to let the whole world know about the DNA of JEE-O.’

Innovative designs and a typical no-nonsense Dutch approach are what JEE-O stand for. Its global success comes down to two core elements – minimalistic shape with maximal comfort. This has been translated into functional luxury and powerful design.


The JEE-O Inspiration

Originally inspired by the J-shape of outdoor showers, Lammert designed the O-shaped handle, allowing the flow of water to be regulated with just one hand.

A ‘J’ and an ‘O’ became JEE-O – a name and brand concept that has cosmopolitan flair and distinctive personality.



The JEE-O Global Vision

JEE-OThe JEE-O journey began with the original and pure series, which put the brand on the map. But it was the soho series that established the brand globally and got the world talking.

To date, the JEE-O brand has expanded to 30 countries, worldwide, proudly making a name for itself. The bold design elements are iconic statement pieces in homes, wellness projects and the finest hotels. This worldwide acknowledgement is where the value of JEE-O gains credibility as an investment brand.


The JEE-O Brand Essence

JEE-O’s brand essence and design profile highlight the impact of engineering brilliance and innovative thinking. The stark black hammer coating of the soho series stainless steel bath mixers and wall faucets, along with its robust designs, create a memorable experience that is bold. The soho RAW series bravely strips design down to the basics and the natural beauty of brushed stainless steel.

The simplicity of JEE-O designs is where the genius of the brand stands out. JEE-O always creates unique bathrooms.


The JEE-O Evolution

JEE-O’s platform for experimentation, collaboration and global design partnerships is what underscores a brand philosophy that is fresh and dynamic, and where the evolution of the brand has gained momentum.

The timeline has been exciting: From Italian designer, Brian Sironi, developing the flow series, with the concept of the shape of water being the intelligence behind the series, and Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, creating the sophisticated and playful bloom series, to the unique cone series by Osiris Hartman.

But, at the end of the day, when asked about JEE-O and ‘What’s in a name?’ – the simplest and most obvious answer is: ‘Innovative and quality craftsmanship that represents personal, conscious choice in the modern interpretation of free time.’

That is why JEE-O is not going anywhere. Who knows, perhaps in 425 years from now, people will still be talking about JEE-O?

JEE-O’s recently launched African website is the platform to explore and fully appreciate JEE-O as a unique designer bathroom ware brand. The entire concept will tempt you – from its freestanding shower and faucet collections to its DADOquartz bath and basin line and accessories series.

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