JEE-O – ‘We are Different’


The best place to carve out time and space for relaxation and reflection is the bathroom. JEE-O has embraced this ideology and their brand story encompasses a philosophy which articulates their brave and bold vision: ‘To enable the world to feel the JEE-O DNA.’

JEE-O’s dedication to design and innovation has resulted in iconic bathroom ware series that partner a minimalist approach with functional luxury. Lammert Moerman, founder and creative brain behind JEE-O, describes the brand as ‘distinctive in design, high-quality and durable, but without all the extra fuss.’ This philosophy is clearly evidenced in the JEE-O’s take on spare time, luxury and design.


Reinterpreting spare time

While functional luxury is the experience, tranquillity, peace and space for body and mind are the essence of JEE-O. Time spent in the bathroom becomes an energising affair where the world stops to focus on you. This holistic concept is made evident in every JEE-O range. A sense of serenity becomes effortless with each collection contributing to harmonious design. JEE-O’s understated design sophistication allows your bathroom to truly fulfil its potential and creates a space where you can simply be still.


Redefining luxury

JEE-O has pared-back their designs to redefine luxury as simple structural integrity and authentic elegance. This audacious evolution of luxury can be seen in JEE-O’s pure, clean lines and innovative interpretation of minimalism and comfort. Sumptuous indulgence has evolved into enduring quality, refreshing simplicity and modern refinement – a timeless combination. The robust and powerful silhouettes of each signature range create a distinctive and edgy aesthetic which is unique and strikingly beautiful. The dynamic nature of JEE-O gives you the exciting opportunity of individual expression.


Reinventing design

One of the key aspects of JEE-O’s success can be attributed to the brand becoming a platform for partnerships with leading creative minds and design studios. The cosmopolitan feel of JEE-O merges with alternative perspectives of globally renowned designers, to achieve powerful synergy and inspiration.



As Lammert Moerman explains, ‘JEE-O also wants to serve as a platform for designers, a technical link for successfully turning ideas and sketches into concrete products.

The JEE-O soho series was the first product line to result in a collaboration with the Amsterdam-based design studio, Grand & Johnson. Their philosophy? ‘Perfection is where there is no redundancy.’

In collaborating with Italian designer, Brian Sironi, he noted that, ‘We rarely see the pipes, they are hidden behind walls and under floors.” This birthed the flow series, where the shape of water and feminine design make their mark. The non-essentials have been eliminated, resulting in smooth, flowing curved lines, from which water flows.

Dutch Designer, Edward van Vliet was next in line with the bloom series, inspired by nature and geometric shapes. Van Vliet’s vision, to have ‘a bathroom where everything is coordinated,’ has resulted in a complex collection which introduces all the elements required for optimum bathroom enjoyment and where ‘one can fully embrace the world of water.’

In current production is the cone series by Dutch designer, Osiris Hertman, the ‘perfect balance between playful and bold.’ A passion for craftsmanship and artisanal artistry have created a distinctive collection that is energetic and unique.



‘The designs have to speak for themselves’.

That is what makes JEE-O different. Each design collection has a personalised and bold statement – bravely pushing the boundaries of minimalistic shape and maximal comfort. JEE-O as a bathroom ware brand, deserve their award-winning iconic status.

To view all the JEE-O collection, download their brochures.


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