JEE-O’s Freestanding Showers are Off-the-Wall!

JEE-O freestanding showers

JEE-O’s award-winning approach to bathroom design is bold and out-of-the-ordinary. Ingenuity and innovation have once again come together to push the boundaries. And when it comes to the humble shower – JEE-O design concepts have gone completely off-the-wall! Their designer freestanding showers stand tall and proud as a testament to the iconic Dutch brand’s distinctive style and forward-thinking philosophy.

Bathroom trends continue to evolve and the innovative styling of all bathroom elements has pushed the bathroom beyond a mere functional space. The relatively recent and exciting introduction of the freestanding shower has become the ideal design solution when it comes to adapting to bathroom trends, globally and in South Africa. If you are considering current trends like a frameless shower, a wet room, or paring back to incorporate chic minimalism for your bathroom, then the freestanding shower is the showpiece to help you achieve that.

Bathrooms are also slowly becoming the social hub of the home and the beauty and simplicity of the freestanding shower have a lot to do with complementing these trends – be it pops of colour on the wall, wooden elements, patterned tiles, or Victorian detailing.  

Lammert Moerman, JEE-O’s creative mind and design engineer, explained that the concept of their freestanding shower and its controls were the original inspiration for the company’s logo:

‘The “J” stands for the iconic shape of the shower … that looks just like an upside down “J”. The “O” stands for the characteristic ring or button that regulates the shower gradually from closed to open, from cold to hot.’

One can only stand back in awe at such simple but ingenious artistry.  Everything about JEE-O’s freestanding shower range is extrovert and bold, and has taken functional minimalism to new heights – inside and outside the bathroom.


Inside the bathroom but definitely not inside-the-box

The traditional boxed-in shower cubicle is definitely a thing of the past – JEE-O have made sure of that with the renaissance of the freestanding shower as a standalone design element. Two show-off series that encapsulate this perfectly are soho and flow. The sleek and robust designs combine sustainable design with luxury functionality to produce a sculptural element for any urban bathroom.

JEE-O freestanding showers
JEE-O soho freestanding shower

If you are looking for an industrial edge that will not only turn heads, but be a talking point, then the soho freestanding shower deserves pride of place in your bathroom. The urban and industrial edge of this series can transform contemporary spaces by balancing them with functionality. Read more about the soho series here.

The flow series freestanding shower is the brainchild of Italian designer, Brian Sironi, who partnered with JEE-O to design a shower that epitomised the flow and shape of water. The flow freestanding shower makes a dynamic and powerful statement in a bathroom layout. You can further appreciate the philosophy behind the flow freestanding shower, from concept to product, by reading the following blog.


When it comes to placement in a bathroom, the soho and flow freestanding showers offer complete design flexibility. The shower no longer has to be confined to the back corner but can now be placed anywhere, even becoming the focal point against a feature wall, thus completely reinventing your space.


Outside the bathroom and definitely outside-the-box

JEE-O freestanding showers
JEE-O outdoor freestanding shower

Where we really see the trend of freestanding showers take the lead in South Africa, is the outdoor shower. This modern approach to outdoor showers has brought the inside outside and the message is loud and clear – luxury and functionality are not restricted by walls! JEE-O has bravely redefined this world of showering by allowing you to take their striking and uniquely designed freestanding showers outside.

This ultimate outdoor nature experience can be yours 365 days a year, whether it is cooling off after a summer swim or heating up after a steaming outdoor Jacuzzi in winter.


JEE-O’s outdoor showers are available as an extension of its original, fatline (with rain shower head) and soho series, giving you complete design freedom when it comes to adding a functional al-fresco and artistic element to your space.  


The sky’s the limit for JEE-O

JEE-O’s one of a kind designs and global collaborations encompass an exciting vision going forward that is not limited by conventionality. As far as JEE-O is concerned, ‘We are only at the beginning of many beautiful things that are yet to come. JEE-O is like a rough diamond. There are still enough sides to be cut and polished.’ [Lammert Moerman]

JEE-O represents a personal, conscious choice in the modern interpretation of free time, promising distinctive simplicity and functional luxury across all their series.

For further information and inspiration, download our brochures to view the entire JEE-O series.

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