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Life is too short to be boring. In fact, there is a saying: If are ever in a position where your life flashes before your eyes – make sure you have something to watch!’ At JEE-O we dare you to be bold, even in your bathroom – so that if your life does flash before you, it will be alive with snapshots of bold colours, graphic patterns and chunky shapes.

JEE-O’s philosophy is visible in its designs – exclusive and extrovert, tough and bold. All product lines are robust and powerful, but with a distinctive simplicity. This allows you the freedom to be daring in your bathroom – to play with colours, patterns and shapes –  adding a flamboyant flair that will get the world talking.

Bathrooms are fast becoming high profile spaces, attracting a lot of attention in the design arena. With that in mind, JEE-O has made a distinct bathroom look easily achievable with their soho series of baths, basins, freestanding showers, faucets and mixers.

Bold and daring colours

If you want to inject some vibrant personality into your bathroom, colour is the way to go. The soho series will get your creative juices flowing with their rugged colour options – RAW brushed stainless steel, hammercoated matt black, and powder coated grey and green.


These soho ‘neutrals’ become the springboard for risk taking and adding some energetic shades into your bathroom. When it comes to making a statement, this is where the rule book gets thrown out the bathroom window!

JEE-OWe dare you to paint one or all your walls, or vanity, in hot pink (unapologetically fun and bright), lime green (for some extra summery zest and zing), bright yellow (we all need some cheery sunshine in the bathroom) or deep blue (for a Mediterranean twist).

These trendy and fashionable design colours allow the soho series to pop as statement pieces.

If you can’t decide – combine rich vibrant  colours into a floral or striped wallpaper, contrasting the products in the soho collection.


A confident and contrasting expression to bright colours is to go black and white. Jet black walls, partnered with white investment pieces, such as the soho bath and basin with wooden furniture, is a timeless yet dramatic design scheme. Adding the matt green soho freestanding shower and mixers or the matt black  colour overlay on the bath or basin will add a designer edge that will make the soho series the standout pieces in your bathroom.


Bold and daring patterns

Thanks to the chunky and unmistakable simplicity of the soho series, your decor options include fearless elements such as multi-dimensional features and striking patterns. We dare you! The soho series is robust enough to handle bold design choices so let yourself get creative. Items such as multi-coloured Moroccan tiles and retro hexagonal or geometric tiles perfectly balance the robust chunkiness with some high drama and artistic fun.

Texture, dimensions and visual interest on your bathroom’s floors and walls  are the perfect backdrop to accent the minimalism of the soho series.


Bold and daring metallics

Both the brushed stainless steel and the coloured matt finishes on the soho series beg for some contrasting glamour. We dare you to go for gold…or silver…or bronze. Hang a heavy framed metallic mirror (round, square, hexagonal or oval) to reflect the audacious design you want  to achieve.

Add some further metallic accents with a contemporary light fitting to highlight the striking soho series. Bring in a mirrored vanity to jazz up your scheme or wooden pots with some greenery to soften the overall look.

Bold and daring JEE-O

JEE-O’s reputation for bold and daring innovation across all its collections has pushed bathroom design out of its comfort zone.

JEE-O is functional luxury at its finest and it is that JEE-O DNA which allows you to experience quality bathroom products with  functionality and design edge that cannot be matched.

We dare you to download the JEE-O brochure to be inspired to make your bathroom bold, colourful and dramatic.

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