JEE-O takes to the stand at the ISH Expo


If your schedule did not allow you to hop on a flight to Frankfurt, Germany last week to attend the ISH (Intelligent Systems for Homes) expo, we are here to alleviate your ‘FOMO.’ We have the highlights and the low down of the world’s leading biennial international trade fair for innovative bathroom design and renewable energy technologies.

We could give you 2400 highlights, as that is the number of exhibitors who took part (from no less than 59 countries). But for many, the main highlight was definitely JEE-O, and the pre-launch of their new cone series, which took to the stand and wowed audiences.

The Dutch experience

Working with Dutch designer, Osiris Hertman, JEE-O, have once again delivered on an innovative and unique collection. When you put two creative minds together with distinct design ideas, the result can only be something energetic and exciting – and that is exactly what the JEE-O cone series is. Hertman’s passion for craftsmanship and innovation with a global influence led him to knock on JEE-O’s door.

JEE-OHertman represented the energy and edgy design vision which has  come to define all JEE-O’s bold and ambitious series. JEE-O’s reputation as trend leaders in bathroom design is due to their commitment to taking a new approach and this philosophy has, once again, worked its magic. the beauty and artistry truly come alive  in the implementation of the details and functionality is never compromised.

The cone series is the perfect balance between playful and bold. The design looks simple. In Osiris Hertman’s own words, ‘That is the intention. A child could have drawn it and this is how I make everything. But if you look closer, you will see the details. Or perhaps not.

For example, there are no screws to be seen. The conical design is reflected in all the details. That is where the craftsmanship lies.’

We guarantee you, had you been at the ISH expo, rubbing shoulders with architects, industry experts, technology pioneers and designers, you too would have paused at JEE-O’s stand and marvelled at the debut of their cone series. In fact, the collection and concept speak for itself, no further words are necessary.

The collaborative experience

JEE-O’s dynamic success story has always been, in large part, to its collaborations with leading global design minds. Lammert Moerman, the creative mastermind behind JEE-O, has always believed his brand should be a platform for designers.

JEE-OJEE-O were honoured to have all their design engineers at the expo, exhibiting.

These included, Edward van Vliet, the visionary behind the bloom series, Grand and Johnson, creators of the soho series, Brian Sironi, mastermind behind the flow series and Osiris Hertman, author of the cone series.

These designers are the undeniable energy behind JEE-O’s forward thinking philosophy resulting in consistent global acclaim for all JEE-O’s one-of-a-kind series.

The ISH experience

JEE-OISH is all about showcasing iconic and groundbreaking brands and giving the world a glimpse of upcoming trends.

When you have 2400 exhibitors, there is bound to be an overwhelming buzz around these new design trends and concepts.

Trends to keep tabs on are shapes and colours in the bathroom, as well as the use of high-quality materials.

The past is catapulted into the present with traditional materials such as steel and cast iron making a strong comeback in contemporary design.

Further bathroom trends focused on issues such as health, wellness, comfort and convenience and not forgetting sustainability and the sparing use of resources. This is definitely the forum to take notes, network and be inspired.

The JEE-O experience

Even though you may not have experienced JEE-O at ISH 2019 , the JEE-O experience is not confined to the expo. The cone series is due to be launched in Holland in 2020. But the DNA of JEE-O, showcased throughout its entire series, is available to transform your bathroom design project into a space where visitors will pause and marvel. To be inspired, and to access JEE-O’s powerful designs, download our brochures.

Follow the designers JEE-O has partnered with on Instagram for an inside view on ISH 2019.

Osiris Hertman – @osirishertman

Edward van Vliet – @edwardvanvlietofficial

Brian Sironi – @briansironi

Grand & Johnson – @grand_johnson

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