JEE-O – The Lasting Beauty of Solid Surfaces


The element which determines the overall quality and durability of an interior space, is the materials used to create it. When it comes to bathroom design, the promise of lasting beauty is not one you can compromise on. The secret ingredient for durable bathroom ware? Solid materials. Specifically, Stainless steel, solid wood and DADOquartz.

JEE-O’s 15-year reputation in the bathroom ware industry is built on the philosophy of  distinctive simplicity partnered with robust design. Each iconic JEE-O product and series is extroverted and exclusive. This has been achieved not only by functional and bold designs, but by the materials chosen, which create a timeless aesthetic.

Bold and Beautiful

JEE-O’s forward-thinking approach to doing things differently has always started with uncompromising quality. Each design collaboration has this at its heart – quality materials and surfaces that underscore JEE-O’s commitment to durable and hard-wearing faucets and showers that are bold and beautiful. As a thought leader in the world of bathroom design, each JEE-O series has taken stainless steel and DADOquartz as its materials of choice, resulting in high quality products with  lasting beauty.

JEE-OAll JEE-O’s Faucet and Shower series proudly showcase stainless steel, resulting in a striking impact in your bathroom. Durable and hygienically non-porous, stainless steel is easy to clean and boasts rust and corrosion resistant properties.

This means it always looks beautiful and adds to the luxury and elegance of any contemporary space. Available in brushed, polished or hammer coated stainless steel options, and now with a 7 year warranty, each series has bravely pushed the design envelope to new heights.

The philosophy of lasting design and sturdy materials is showcased in each of the JEE-O series –  the flow, pure, soho, RAW, fatline, original, slimline and bloom. With each series offering different and unique characteristics of these flexible quality materials. This is where the JEE-O brand bravely stands out, making an ambitious statement.

JEE-O’s minimalist bath and basin collections highlight DADOquartz as a stunning and high quality solid surface for bathroom ware. DADOquartz is a proprietary combination of South African mined quartz stone, resin and natural minerals which gives each bath and basin scratch-resistant properties and comes with a lifetime warranty of 25-years. The natural stone appearance and satin finish of DADOquartz is what gives JEE-O basins and bathtubs their elegance and flawless beauty. This material  has no veins, fissures or imperfections which could compromise the products’ strength or appearance and it also comes in matt white, or spray painted in matt grey, black or green with a UV filter that ensures no colour fading. To learn more about DADOquartz, read our blog on what to look for in a quality bath.

Mix and Match

When timeless and quality materials such as stainless steel and DADOquartz are the foundation of your design, bathroom décor options become limitless.

JEE-OYou can partner any other material with the JEE-O faucets, showers, baths and basins to create classic combinations that will stand the test of time and will always look stunning. Mix and match a JEE-O basin with a wooden vanity for a natural organic warmth.

Select a JEE-O bathtub to be the centrepiece in a bathroom with a stone or slate floor. Mirrors and well placed lighting will also help to accentuate and reflect the beauty of any stainless steel product featured in your bathroom. Because of the simplistic minimalism of the JEE-O vision, bold wallpaper designs will complement that elegance and will add a modern luxuriousness to your bathing space.

JEE-O’s Timeless Finish

JEE-O’s commitment to establishing a brand that epitomises design bravery and quality began in 2003. As a Dutch company, JEE-O’s collections have a global flair and nuance owing to its exciting and influential partnership platform with design creatives from all over the world. For more information on any of JEE-O’s series or collections, download our brochure.


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