JEE-O – Leading the Way in 2019 Bathroom Trends


Since its inception 15 years ago, JEE-O’s conscious philosophy and brave interpretation of bathroom design have not only brought the ‘wow factor’ into the design world, but have resulted in the world watching and waiting for this Dutch company’s next offering. This has earned JEE-O the much-coveted reputation of being a trendsetter and leader in the evolution of the bathroom ware industry.

Bathrooms are as sensitive to design trends as any other room in the house. But when it comes to bathroom spaces, they need to be more carefully considered due to the substantial long-term investment required. When considering the bathroom trends of 2019 that will be worth investing in, JEE-O truly stands out. The brand’s designs have a bold influence that has consistently stood the test of time.

Three 2019 design Trends where JEE-O has pushed the boundaries:

#1 Exposed Hardware: ‘ I have arrived’

JEE-OJEE-O has taken the bathroom world by storm by embracing  exposed hardware – proudly exhibited in the Flow series. Having ceased to exist by the 19th century, this antique concept has entered the 21st century with an ambitious design voice that cannot be ignored. Bold lines, statement pieces and innovation are just three of its exciting and identifying traits.

Raw beauty should never be hidden and this concept is beautifully unveiled in JEE-O’s freestanding showers, mixers and faucets, which are luxurious yet functional in design.

Distinctive in their simplicity, but with robust creativity, your only design dilemma is simply being spoilt for choice, as each JEE-O series is complete with bathtubs, basins and bathroom accessories to perfectly complete your bathroom look.


#2 Concrete and Plaster: ‘ Complementing natural beauty’

JEE-OTraditionally, concrete and plaster, as bathroom design materials, were considered cold and stark. But this resurgent trend is here to stay, and these natural materials have become the perfect backdrop for JEE-O to show off their bath and basin collections.

This industrial chic element has brought a surprising warmth into the bathroom with neutral and earthy toned  shades. It’s the subtle unrefined quality that allows the design intricacy of each JEE-O product to be appreciated without distraction.


#3 Adding Colour: ‘Green with envy’

Using colour in bathroom investment pieces is by no means a new concept, but what we are talking about is a far cry from the fussy and dated dusty pink and buttery yellow suites. Green has entered the 2019 design world as a contemporary colour that speaks to our innate desire to bridge the gap with nature.

Associated with freshness, calmness, harmony, renewal and rejuvenation, there is no better space to highlight green in a modern design, than in the bathroom.

Once again, JEE-O has been forward thinking. The soho series has daringly reinvented the colour green in a modern way. The powder coated matt green finish (also available in grey), is both elegant and sophisticated. This earthy and subtle colour statement is brave and complements all other neutral features and materials in the bathroom, giving it a unique spa-like quality.

If daring colour is not your personal preference, then JEE-O will oblige with brushed stainless steel (the RAW series), and black hammer coated alternatives.


JEE-O: ‘Global trendsetters’

JEE-O has remained a global design leader in creating energising bathroom spaces that boast functional luxury with a bold, minimalist edge. Partnering with designers from all over the world has allowed JEE-O to bravely go where bathroom trends have not gone before. These collaborations have created designs that are refreshing and ambitious, representing a conscious choice in the world of design innovation.

To view all of JEE-O’s iconic products, see our online brochure or find a store near you. 


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