JEE-O’s Blooming Success


In global bathroom design – JEE-O has become synonymous with innovative, energising, luxury and functional design – spaces that are unique and beautiful. Through his vision, Lammert Moerman, creative mastermind and owner of JEE-O, confidently asserts, “Our bathroom concepts are all very distinctive.”

JEE-O’s latest series, bloom, is no exception. It has once again pushed the boundaries of interior shape and design with a brave architectural flair. And once again,  it works and it impresses.


The JEE-O design collaboration

JEE-O’s creative partnership with Dutch interior designer, Edward van Vliet, has given birth to the bloom series: A bold and exciting collection, inspired by geometrical shapes and the harmony of nature, similar to many of van Vliet’s design concepts. Its shower head was inspired by the iconic sunflower. Refined and daring, the intricate and rounded geometric etching on the freestanding baths and basins are innovatively complemented with the 3 dimensional hexagon-shaped faucet heads and handles.

JEE-OVan Vliet, as a designer, has been working on creative projects for over 25 years. His design philosophy is to have everything in the bathroom co-ordinated, thus “creating a world.”

There is also a global nuance to his innovative focus – incorporating influences from traditional Western design and synchronising these with cultural features from the Middle East and Asia.

It is all about the yin and the yang – high-tech elements perfectly matched with natural elements. This is the essence of the bloom series.


When interviewed, Lammert Moerman, explained the collaboration process saying, “JEE-O’s style is quite industrial, but very energetic and innovating. Edward’s style is more playful. We managed to draw him more towards our style. The result is very different to what I have done so far. The other collections have a very industrial and robust character. The design of the bloom series is a little more refined and thus less inhibited.”

The bloom series, full of character and grandeur, was recently launched at the Salone del Bagno in Milan in tandem with the celebration of JEE-O’s 15th anniversary.


The JEE-O design energy

JEE-OLammert Moerman acknowledges that with the bloom series, Edward van Vliet’s design genius has created  something quite different. JEE-O’s other collections have leaned towards the tough and structural, but the bloom series has taken a new direction.

The slightly more playful and flirtatious edges of the bloom series – with its distinctive minimalistic, geometric shapes – will transform your bathroom into an energising, yet design-rich space.

In trying to capture the personality of the bloom series, there is no shortage of adjectives – European neo avant-garde, bold yet elegant, with a beautiful and understated opulence. This is a series to be truly admired.

Van Vliet’s preference to work with natural materials is beautifully aligned with JEE-O’s philosophy of solid materials. For the production of the bloom series, the bathtubs and basins are manufactured from South African DADOquartz – a combination of quartz rock crystals,resin and other natural minerals. The series’ faucets and mixers are milled from stainless steel.


The JEE-O design vision

JEE-O is a Dutch based bathroomware company that has announced it’s loud arrival to the world of complete bathroom design with an edge and energy. The company has been creating products that have tranquillity, beauty and functional luxury in mind for 15 years. The vision is to reinterpret free time, and for the world to experience this through innovative design, shape and materials across all Jee-O’s series. The desire is for minimalistic simplicity that is ambitious and robust – elements that make a bold statement.


To view all JEE-O’s exciting products, see our online brochure or visit the collections on our website.





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