JEE-O Soho – The Bold and the Beautiful


When it comes to cutting edge bathroom design, the JEE-O soho series has lit up the proverbial red carpet with a winning and daring philosophy of minimalistic simplicity. New York’s vibrant, cosmopolitan SoHo neighbourhood is renowned as the home of modern chic and boasts sophisticated and industrial loft style apartments – the soho series was inspired by this and effortlessly epitomises this style.

JEE-O’s soho series is characterised by industrial simplicity with an architectural edge that is bold and exceptionally beautiful.


The soho big picture

JEE-OAll JEE-O soho products are robust – made from stainless steel with a variety of finishings including a dark, all-weather hammercoated finish for the iconic industrial look.

The engineering behind the one-move cartridge in the faucet mechanism allows it to operate in the same way as a joystick. This handle features an ergonomic handle with a tactile rubber coating.

The product line offered under the series is expansive. Consisting of wall, ceiling and freestanding shower mixers, a freestanding bath mixer, as well as top and wall mounted faucets, the loft style design is within your design reach. This minimalistic series also offers a matching bathtub, and basins in a variety of sizes for a symmetric look that flows throughout your bathroom.


Accessories and colour

JEE-OIn a recent blog, we showcased the striking ‘NYC style’ accessories of the soho series to complete your unique bathroom.

If you’re considering adding a splash of colour to match the eclectic vision of SoHo, powder coated green or grey options will push the design edge of your contemporary bathroom to new heights.



The RAW series

JEE-OJEE-O’s aspiration to refine the boundaries of bathroom design has given rise to  the impressive RAW series – soho stripped back to its rawest from. The RAW series is bold, beautiful and pure.

Eliminating the black coating – it stands out in all its brushed stainless steel glory and reinforces the simplicity of industrial chic design. It is artistic design without any fuss and will undoubtedly make a bold statement which is both timeless and stylish.

The soho RAW series aligns with the vision of Lammert Moerman, JEE-O’s creative mastermind and founder, who believes that “Design has permeated all facets of our lives. In the JEE-O vision, the bathroom is the last hurdle for which often there still is no room for beautiful design. While starting and finishing the day surrounded by tremendous products gives you an enormous boost.”


The design collaboration

When two design creatives work together, the result can only be inspirational! This was certainly the case with the allied forces of JEE-O and Grand & Johnson, the Amsterdam-based design studio.

Grand & Johnson’s working principle is clear and intentional – they concentrate on balance in outlines, shapes, light, colours and material. This has resulted in unpretentious and contemporary sculpted designs that blend perfectly with the bold and beautiful design vision of JEE-O’s soho and RAW series. Collaborating with celebrated designers such as Grand & Johnson, has made JEE-O stronger as a brand. Working with design studios draws  dynamic energy and adds a new story to the brand, while still drawing on JEE-O’s unique design concept and vision.

JEE-O is refreshing and ambitious, exclusive and extrovert, tough and bold. A look that speaks for itself, JEE-O represents a personal, conscious choice in the modern interpretation of free time – responding to an increasing need for self-development and more than distinctive in design.

If you desire your bathroom to be bold and beautiful, with a distinctive industrial edge, please visit our website to download our brochure and be further inspired by JEE-O’s soho and RAW series.


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