NYC Industrial Chic – Brought to Life with JEE-O Soho Bathroom Accessories

JEE-O soho accessories

Mention SoHo, the historic and cosmopolitan district of New York City to anyone, and images of cast iron architecture, cobblestone streets, and industrial loft-style apartments come to mind. The design story is always about bold reinvention and pushing boundaries – where modernity is at the forefront, yet the past is still respected as sacred. JEE-O epitomises this with its stand-out statement  – the soho series – the first product line to emerge from the creative collaboration between JEE-O and the Amsterdam-based design studio, Grand & Johnson.


The resounding and global success of JEE-O’s line of iconic soho showers, mixers and faucets, has given rise to an expansion of this series, resulting in a robust full bathroom offering. The soho series’ newly launched range of bathroom accessories pays a fitting tribute to the structural authenticity of exposed beams and pipes, black features and the ‘unrefined’ look of the soho series.

The unique minimalism of the series has been innovatively translated into a striking range of stainless steel accessories to give your bathroom the complete NYC SoHo industrial look.

JEE-O soho accessories


JEE-O soho accessories
Soho freestanding showers, bath mixers, wall and ceiling showers, mixers and spouts.








For the ultimate in design authenticity, watch this video to be inspired by JEE-O’s innovative and daring mixers and faucets which transform any urban bathroom into a bold, yet stylish sanctuary.

JEE-O soho accessories
Soho wall mounted faucets and mixers


How to achieve an ‘Industrial Chic’ look in your bathroom:


‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’

JEE-O soho accessoriesThe finishing touch that consolidates a bathroom scheme, is a mirror. Your bathroom may not be located in a loft overlooking a trendy tree-lined neighbourhood bustling with NYC cabs, but JEE-O’s soho mirror will certainly add that same urban feel to your bathroom. With its ability to add colour and texture to your bathing space, the soho mirror will be the fairest feature on the wall. Available in black matt hammercoated stainless steel, or powder coated grey or green, our eye-catching round mirror is a focal point in any urban contemporary space. Creatively hanging a few mirrors will result in a bespoke and artistic feature wall.


‘On the shelf’

JEE-O soho accessoriesA wall mounted shelf is the perfect backdrop to stamp your unique personality to your bathroom design. You can place your shelf above the toilet, in the shower, behind the bath, or practically anywhere in the home! These designer pieces can be used functionally for extra storage, or aesthetically where decorative elements can be displayed – we recommend more than just one.

Arranging chic soho shelves at different heights around your bathroom will achieve a distinctive and cohesive urban look.


‘Show it off’

JEE-O soho accessoriesFor the ultimate luxury spa feel in any bathroom, displaying plush, fluffy and soft bath sheets and towels is the quintessential design answer. Enter soho’s towel holders and towel rails. Available in a choice of black, grey or green finishes, we recommend white towels to underscore the chic industrial distinctive you are wanting to achieve. Your towels will become fashion statements in your bathing space. If you want to re-create the ultimate romantic hotel feel, consider installing two soho robe hooks – for his and hers robes.  


JEE-O’s soho mirrors, shelves, robe hooks, towel holders and rails are just a few of the essentials to successfully add industrial chic to your bathroom. With our new soho range of accessories, we have made your design choices simple.

JEE-O soho accessories
Soho colour options

Please download our brochure to view the entire bathroom accessory range to uniquely complement the existing elements in your bathroom.



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